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The service staff was extremely attentive and friendly. We started with hummus and pita. Our favorite dish this time was a greek wedding platter enough for 2 people. For dessert, we take delicious Baklava, which we love. A lot of food! We always enjoyed eating at this restaurant for the tasty food, ambiance, and great service. We always come back to this place and we always recommend it to our friends. If you want excellent Greek food this is the perfect place for that.

H. Milk

Olympus Taverna serves excellent meals. Try the moussaka and the chicken parmigiana!  Excellent customer service. I enjoyed my first experience of greek food and will be back again soon.

K. Wright

If you love Greek food, this is the place! The staff was very attentive and the food was excellent, everything I've tried have been fantastic. Fresh and tasty greek food. We will come back again, for sure!

J. Path

The food was great. We had the BBQ Gyro and for starters may I recommend a taramasalata and skordalia. Very friendly and knowledgable staff. I definitely recommend this place for anyone looking for real Greek food.

L. Smith

This is the second time that we had been in the restaurant. The first time I when with my wife and son and the attention, food and price was amazing, we loved. Since we were going to have visitors soon we decided to stop by again later.

C. Maldonado

Hands down one of the best restaurants I've been to in Buford. I lived here for a year now and haven't ever had a (good) memorable experience in a restaurant. Most of the time I feel my boyfriend and I don't get the service people deserve.

K. McKenna

Food is great! Very traditional and there's always something for anyone! If you have a since of humor and you're not afraid to try new things, ask for Marina! She's very friendly and is very crazy in a good way! Really recommend it for a fun family experience!

Z. Swift